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UAB Baltic Diagnostic Service
Company registration code: 302883915

Phone: +370 602 25225
Email: kaunas@balticdiag.eu
A.Stulginskio g. 41G, LT-48313
Working hours: I-V: 8-17 val.
Phone: +370 680 80002
Email: vilnius@balticdiag.eu
Kareiviu g. 19-141, LT-09133
Working hours: I-V: 8-17 val.

1. Personal data, Data – any information about the User whose identity is determined or whose identity can be determined.
2. Stores – UAB “Baltic diagnostic service” stores located at the following addresses: Stulginskio st. 41G, LT-48313, Kaunas and Kareivių st. 19-141, LT-09133, Vilnius.
3. Electronic store – UAB “Baltic diagnostic service” electronic store www.launch-atstovybe.lt
4. IP Address – Each computer connected to the Internet is assigned a unique number known as an Internet Protocol (IP) address. Because these numbers are usually assigned by country block, an IP address can often be used to identify the country from which a computer connects to the Internet.
5. Baltic Diag – Baltic Diagnostic Service UAB, company code: 302883915, VAT code: LT100007226714, address: Stulginskio st. 41G, data is collected and stored by the Republic of Lithuania LLC “Registrų centras”.
6. Baltic Diag’s partner is a legal entity used to fulfill the User’s order.
7. Baltic Diag accounts are Baltic Diag accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other social networks, which provide information about BalticDiag and the Services it provides, and share content made public by Users.
8. Account – the result of the User’s registration on the Website, which creates an account that stores his personal data and order history.
9. Services – all services provided to the User on the BalticDiag Website, Electronic Store, and stores.
10. Privacy policy – ​​this privacy policy, which provides the basic rules for the collection, storage, processing and storage of Personal data, applies to Users when using the Website, Electronic Store and/or providing Services in stores.
11. Cookies are small text documents with a unique identification number that are transferred from the Website to the hard drive of the User’s computer, so that the Website administrator can distinguish the User’s computer and see his activities on the Internet.
12. Website – Baltic Diagnostic Service UAB, website with the address www.launch-atstovybe.lt.
13. Password – a unique combination of letters and numbers created by the User and known only to him, which is entered for the first time when registering on the Website, and then in order to log in to the Account.
14. Rules – approved valid rules for buying and selling goods in the online store, rules for registration in stores for services.
15. Direct marketing – activity aimed at offering goods or services to individuals and legal entities by mail, telephone or in another direct way and/or asking for their opinion on the offered goods or services.
16. User – a natural person who visited the Baltic Diag Website, used the Electronic Store, store services and whose Data is processed in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

17. The Privacy Policy regulates the basic principles and procedure of the User’s personal data processing.
18. The processing of the User’s Personal Data is determined by this Privacy Policy, and to the extent that it does not regulate it, 2016. April 27 Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (hereinafter – the “Regulation”), the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania and other legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania and the European Union.
19. Users can familiarize themselves with the Privacy Policy on the Website.
20. The data controller according to this Privacy Policy is Baltic Diag.
21. By specifying his personal data on the Website, Electronic Store, and stores, the User agrees that Baltic Diag will manage and process them for the purposes, means and procedure provided for in this privacy policy and legal acts.
22. The provision of certain registration data is necessary and without providing them, the User will not be able to use the Services. By registering on the Website, in the Electronic Store, the User confirms that the specified personal data are accurate and correct.
23. Baltic Diag does not assume responsibility for inaccurate, incomplete or wrongly submitted User data.

24. Baltic Diag respects every User’s right to privacy. Baltic Diag takes all organizational and technical measures available to it to ensure that the User’s personal data is safe, and that data processing actions meet the requirements of data protection legislation and Baltic Diag’s policy.
25. Baltic Diag collects and processes the User’s personal data on the following legal grounds:
25.1. The user gives consent, i.e. agrees to comply with the use of the Website, the rules of the Electronic Store (rules for buying and selling goods) and the Privacy Policy;
25.2 Baltic Diag’s legitimate interests;
25.3. A contract is concluded or executed where one of the parties is a data subject;
25.4. Pursuant to a legal obligation.
25.5. In the scope and conditions provided for by the applicable legal acts, one or more of the above-mentioned legal bases may be applied to the processing of the same User’s personal data.
26. Baltic Diag processes the following User data:
Method of data collection Data Basis of personal data processing Term of data processing

Account registration
Name, surname, address, e-mail address, telephone number, company name (if registering on behalf of a company). The User’s consent to use the Services under the conditions stipulated in the Rules For the entire period while the User uses the account. Baltic Diag may store the consent given by the user and proof thereof for a longer period, if necessary, in order to defend itself against claims, claims or lawsuits brought against it.

Account administration
Data provided during registration on the website www.launch-atstovybe.lt, account login data, account actions, including technical browsing data (IP address, login and browsing technical information) User consent to use the Services under the conditions provided for in the Rules For the entire period while the User is using the account . Baltic Diag may store the consent given by the user and proof thereof for a longer period, if necessary, in order to be able to defend itself against demands, claims or lawsuits brought against it.

Registration for the provision of Services
Name, surname, address, e-mail address, telephone number, company name (if registering on behalf of a company). The user’s consent to use the Services under the conditions stipulated in the Rules for 5 years from the date of service provision. Baltic Diag may store the consent given by the user and proof thereof for a longer period, if necessary, in order to be able to defend itself against demands, claims or lawsuits brought against it.

Online shopping
Name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number, address of the place of delivery, company name (if the goods are purchased on behalf of the company), signature (when the goods are delivered to the specified address, date and time of purchase and delivery, product names, quantities, prices, payment for purchases method and payment information User’s consent to use the Services under the conditions stipulated in the Rules for 10 years from the date of the purchase transaction

Provision of services in Baltic Diag stores
Name, surname, e-mail address, phone number, company name (if the equipment is purchased on behalf of the company) User’s consent to use the Services under the conditions stipulated in the Rules for 5 years from the date of the purchase transaction

Conclusion of a service contract
Name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number, stored goods, their value Security agreement concluded by the User The entire period while the User uses the security service and 5 years after the end of the agreement.

Provision of offers and information
Name, surname, e-mail address, phone number User consent to receive offers and information While the User’s consent to receive offers and news is valid.
Baltic Diag may store the consent given by the user and proof thereof for a longer period, if necessary, in order to be able to defend itself against demands, claims or lawsuits brought against it.

Statistics, market and consumer behavior research
Location, purchase data (including date and time of purchase, brand names, quantities, price, reviewed products) Baltic Diag has a legitimate interest in analyzing data and preparing reports necessary for business in order to evaluate its activities and respond to market changes 5 years

Games, lotteries
Name, surname, telephone number, e-mail address User consent for participation in games and lotteries organized by Baltic Diag for 12 months.

Administration of user inquiries, requests, feedback complaints
Identification and contact information provided by the User: name, surname, phone number, e-mail address, delivery address of the goods (if the goods were delivered to the address specified by the User), other information provided in the request;
Other documents and/or data provided with the request: e.g. purchase receipt data, photos. The fulfillment of Baltic Diag’s legal obligation to examine and respond to user inquiries and the legitimate interest in evaluating the feedback of its customers in order to improve the quality of operations and services provided.

The survey is anonymous and the answers are not associated with a specific person, unless the customer himself indicates his identifying information during the survey. Baltic Diag has a legitimate interest in evaluating the quality of customer service and responding to customer needs and comments. If the customer has provided identifying information, the questionnaire data will be depersonalized after 3 months. after completing the survey.

User consent to participate in the loyalty program
User name, surname, e-mail e-mail address, company activity, telephone number, signature after filling out the form and agreeing to participate in the Baltic Diag loyalty program, privacy policy with UAB Baltic diagnostic service and to receive information about Baltic Diag’s special promotions and news, date of filling out the form. User consent to participate in UAB Baltic diagnostic service loyalty program. Until the user refuses to participate in the loyalty program. The customer can refuse to participate in the loyalty program by sending a free-form request by e-mail. by mail: marketingas@balticdiag.lt

27. Baltic Diag records information (cookies) on the User’s computer (device) for the purpose of identifying the visitor as a former user of the Electronic Store, saving information about the goods placed in the User’s shopping cart, and collecting statistics on visits to the Electronic Store.
28. The user may not consent to the recording and use of information (cookies) on his computer (device) or withdraw his consent by changing the settings of the Internet browser, but in this case some functions of the website may not be available to him.

30. Baltic Diag receives only the data provided directly by the User: when filling out account profile data, registering for services, purchasing goods in the Electronic Store, ordering services in stores, submitting requests.

31. Baltic Diag can transfer the User’s personal data for processing to third parties who help to perform and administer the provision of Services, such persons can be cargo delivery service providers, service sub-suppliers, database software providers, database administration service providers, data centers, hosting and cloud service providers, direct marketing service providers, market research or business analytics service providers, etc.
32. Baltic Diag provides the data processor with only as much data as is necessary to fulfill a specific order or provide a specific service. Data processors can process the User’s personal data only according to the instructions of Baltic Diag and cannot use them for other purposes or transfer them to other persons without the consent of Baltic Diag. They must ensure data security in accordance with applicable legislation and written agreements with us.
33. Data may also be provided to competent authorities or law enforcement agencies, such as the police or supervisory authorities, but only upon their request and only when required by applicable legislation or in the cases and procedures provided for by legislation, in order to ensure our rights, our the safety of customers, employees and resources, to assert, provide and defend legal claims.
34. If Baltic Diag uses a website analysis service (e.g. Google Analytics), which is used to determine how the User uses the information provided on the website, we may exchange the User’s personalized data with third parties who rely on this information to assess how the website is used in preparing reports on website activity for website operators and providing other services related to the use of the website, internet and mobile application.

35. The user has the right to:
35.1. to get acquainted with his personal data being processed: to receive confirmation as to whether Baltic Diag is processing his personal data, to familiarize himself with the processed data, to receive information about the purposes of data processing, the period of data processing, the source of data acquisition, automated decision-making;
35.2. demand correction, change, clarification of information if the data provided in the User’s registration have changed or if the User believes that the information about him/her processed by Baltic Diag is inaccurate or incorrect;
35.3. withdraw your consent at any time and the data processing based on the User’s consent will be terminated. In certain cases, this may mean that the user will not be able to continue using the Services provided by Baltic Diag and participate in the loyalty program;
35.4. demand that Baltic Diag delete personal data related to the User without undue delay, if this can be justified by one of the following reasons:
35.4.1. personal data are no longer necessary to achieve the purposes for which they were collected or otherwise processed;
35.4.2. The user withdraws the consent on which the processing of personal data is based, and there is no other legal basis for processing personal data;
35.4.3. The user does not agree to the processing of data in accordance with and there are no overriding legitimate reasons for processing the data;
35.4.4. personal data were processed illegally;
35.4.5. personal data must be deleted in accordance with the legal obligation established by the law of the European Union or the Republic of Lithuania.
35.5. require Baltic Diag to limit the processing of personal data when one of the following cases applies:
35.5.1. The user disputes the accuracy of personal data for such a period during which Baltic Diag can verify the accuracy of personal data;
35.5.2 the processing of the personal data is unlawful and the User does not consent to the deletion of the personal data and instead requests the restriction of its use;
35.5.3. Baltic Diag no longer needs personal data for the purposes specified in point 26 of these Rules, but the User needs them in order to assert, fulfill or defend legal claims;
35.6. to request the transfer of data processed in accordance with the User’s consent and the processing of which is carried out using automated means, to the data controller. In this case, Baltic Diag will provide the data requested by the User to be transferred in the format normally used by its systems and readable by a computer.
35.7. submit a complaint to the supervisory authority – the State Data Protection Inspectorate by completing and submitting a complaint in the prescribed form.

36. After receiving the User’s request to provide data or exercise other User rights, Baltic Diag will be obliged to determine the User’s identity. In order to exercise the above rights of the data subject, the person must submit a written request (by filling out the request form in the Account (if the user has an account) or by submitting a free form request to the address specified in Section X, point 40 of this Policy in person or by means of electronic communications (signing with a secure electronic signature).
37. Baltic Diag undertakes, upon receiving the User’s request for the implementation of any of his rights as a data subject and after the User has successfully completed the verification procedure specified in Clause 37 of these Rules, without undue delay, but in any case no later than within one month of receiving the User’s request and the verification procedure completion, to provide the User with information about the actions taken by Baltic Diag in accordance with the User’s request. Taking into account the complexity and number of requests, Baltic Diag has the right to extend the one-month period for another month, informing the User about this before the end of the first month and stating the reasons for such an extension.
38. If the User submits a request by electronic means, Baltic Diag will submit it by electronic means, except in cases where this is impossible (for example: due to an extremely large volume of information) or if the User requests to submit an answer in a different way.

39. For all data processing issues, you can contact us in the following ways:
by e-mail marketingas@balticdiag.lt
by calling +370 670 07076
Contact details of the Data Protection Officer:
email email address marketingas@balticdiag.lt
mailing address:
UAB “Baltic diagnostic service”, to the Data Protection Officer
Stulginsky st. 41G, LT-48313, Kaunas

40. Personal data is stored no longer than is necessary. The term of personal data storage is determined in accordance with the General Document Storage Index (hereinafter referred to as the Index) approved by order of the Chief Archivist of Lithuania and other legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.
41. Personal data whose storage term is not provided in the Index are stored according to the terms specified in this Policy.
42. Other personal data, the storage term of which is not provided in the Index or this Policy – no longer than is necessary to achieve the purposes of personal data processing specified in this Policy.
43. The User’s personal data may be stored longer than specifically stated in this Policy only when:
– it is necessary for Baltic Diag to be able to defend itself against demands, claims or lawsuits and exercise its rights;
– there are reasonable suspicions of an illegal act, which is the subject of an investigation;
– User data is necessary for the proper resolution of a dispute or complaint;
– for backup copies and other similar purposes;
– in the presence of other legal grounds.

45. This Policy is valid from 2018. May 21 After this Policy is changed, its updated version will be published on the website www.launch-atstovybe.lt